Installer Training

Our Samsung certified training course is the first step to becoming an accredited Samsung heat pump installer. We now offer a single days training, which covers both parts of the course.

Heat Pumps Part 1. an introduction to heat pumps, how to size them to MIS 3005 standard, carry out a survey and prepare a quotation, including everything required before the installation starts.

This course is designed for sales engineers, surveyors and people who are new to heat pumps. If you want to find out why you would want to install / buy a heat pump, when they work and when they don’t, RHI, MCS and regulations and what to look for when surveying. We will also be showing you how to carry simple heat loads and a full MCS calculation using our custom software which you will be able to take away with you. The course also covers Heat pumps for swimming pools, linking multiple heat pumps together and connecting them to bi-valent or hybrid systems. Please bring a laptop, if possible, as there will be exercises to complete.

Heat Pumps Part 2. Installing and commissioning Heat pumps, where everything goes, fault finding, hand over to the end user and operating the system efficiently.

The course will concentrate on installing Samsung’s EHS heat pumps, including the wiring, the plumbing and the controls. We will also cover where everything goes, what you get from us and what you provide, setting the system up and testing to see if it is working properly. The course is 75% hands on practical including fault finding so bring a screwdriver.


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